Connect your operation via mobile solutions and share information directly with your business partners

ONEtoMOVE is the ONEtobeONE smartphone application that integrates the execution of ONEtoORDER, ONEtoTRANSPORT and ONEtoCLEAN. Drivers, order pickers and other operators receive their schedules. Conversely, the tasks performed are reported back to the planning department, including photographs of the goods loaded, signed delivery notes, unloaded quantities or causes of delays. This information is shared immediately with all of your business partner through the uniquely integrated ONEtobeONE modules.

Examples of the ONEtoMOVE application are:

A truck driver automatically communicates the expected time of arrival to his scheduler, the shipper and the recipient of the goods.
The loading operator receives the information that the truck expected at 11:00 am will already arrive at 9:30 am. He starts blending the goods in order to allow immediate loading of the truck upon arrival.
The order picker scans the goods that will be loaded in the truck. The buyer receives a confirmation that the goods have been loaded.
The driver is automatically logged in to the portal using geo-fencing. On his phone he receives the number of the unloading bay. He gains ten minutes.

ONEtoMOVE can replace the carrier’s fleet management system (onboard computer). This adds the unique service of providing your business partners with the planning and performance of your drivers.