About us
Since 2010, our team of developers, designers, logistics engineers and consultants has been passionately working daily to expand ONEtobeONE's platform and inform users. They continuously maintain and optimize it to connect even more parties in the supply chain. All this to save time and money for users and improve quality and service.

Vacancy "Customer Success Manager"

ONEtobeONE is looking for a motivated and talented Customer Success Managers to join our growing team. If you are passionate about technology, have excellent communication skills and want to contribute to the success of our advanced solutions, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

As a Customer Success Manager you play a crucial role in our sales and support team. Your responsibilities include:

  • Making appointments with prospects for a video demonstration. We only work with warm leads from our own network.
  • Providing video demonstrations of our solutions to prospects
  • Provide training and support with further onboarding of customers.
  • Answering customer questions and providing timely and accurate information about our software products and services.
  • Drafting and sending newsletters and maintaining the website.
What we're looking for
  • Smart (minimum HBO level) boys and girls who want to accelerate their career.
  • Excellent organizational skills, with strong attention to detail.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills in Dutch and English. An additional language such as German, Polish, Italian, French is an important advantage.
  • A proactive and customer-oriented attitude, with the ability to build good relationships and maintain positive relationships with customers.
    Experience in a sales support or administrative role is a plus.
Why choose ONEtobeONE?
  • ONEtobeONE is a scale up with enormous growth potential. This offers many opportunities for early birds.
  • Experienced colleagues offer a fertile environment if you want to learn and grow quickly.
  • Be part of an innovative technology company that is at the forefront of the industry.
  • A competitive salary and benefits package.
  • Work at the most attractive place in the heart of Alkmaar and combine this work from home or visits to customers.

Would you like to be part of our team? Send an email with your resume and your motivation to: kees.huiberts@onetobeone.com.

Vacancy “JAVA developer”

ONEtobeONE is looking for a motivated Full Stack Java developer. You work in a close-knit team of real professionals who are open to new techniques. ONEtobeONE offers its developers the freedom to carry out assignments independently and to think for themselves. If you are less experienced, we are happy to help you become effective quickly.

Our developers are closely involved in our customer projects. We believe that it makes your work more fun and it increases your productivity if you gain a good understanding of the customer's processes.

We are therefore looking for fearless developers who think along about improvements and are open to collaboration.


  • HBO/WO level
  • Masters the Dutch language
  • More or less experience with, among others:
    • Java
    • Hibernate/Spring
    • Wicket
    • MySQL
    • Android

We provide our developers
  • Inspiring work environment where you can learn a lot
  • Independence
  • Nicest workplace in the heart of Alkmaar with the option of working from home
  • Good primary and secondary employment conditions
  • Travel expenses and laptop allowance
  • 26 vacation days and 8% vacation pay
Would you like to be part of our team? Send an email with your resume and your motivation to: kees.huiberts@onetobeone.com.

All skills in-house

Our multidisciplinary team of developers, designers, and logistics engineers have extensive practical experience. They continuously improve the system by converting customer requirements into functionalities that benefit a broad group of users in the supply chain.

Check our vacancies to see if we are currently looking for you.

Passion for logistics

With a background in automation, Kees Huiberts developed ONEtobeONE to save costs and time for all parties in the supply chain by optimizing the processes between suppliers and their customers. Currently, the platform connects more than 7,000 companies with all their customers, suppliers, carriers and other partners in the supply chain.

Passionate talents

As a team, we like to think outside the box and use our knowledge and experience in logistics processes and automation to implement optimization on a daily basis. Because we believe in joining forces, customer wishes are translated into a solution that also benefits our other customers. As a result, development never stands still and everyone, from planner to driver and from finance to shipper, can get the most out of ONEtobeONE. ONEtobeONE's consultants maintain excellent customer relationships. The focus is on providing high-quality services and clear advice on your business processes. In this way, they make a significant contribution to your objectives.


Marco Hes
Lead Developer
Can you tell a little about your background? Education/work experience.
I worked as a developer at Deloitte consulting on a project basis for 12 years. After that I joined Tex on a project basis and later worked on a fixed product there. Bit similar to developing a service as we developed at ONEtobeONE.

Since when have you been involved with ONEtobeONE?
10 years back, I joined ONEtobeONE. By then the system had been developed for about two years. There was a base that was set up by an external agency and from there I got involved in the development. So I'm fairly from the early stages and built most of what we use. It started as an application for viewing orders from suppliers. Back then there was no transportation in it either. You could view your profile and some settings. That slowly expanded into a full input application.

What development within the system are you most proud of?
There have been a lot of great developments over the years. The reuse of components such as a grid or listview works fine. For example, you can see all orders and you can completely customize it by applying filters and indicating which columns you do or do not want to see and then you can save it as a template under your name. We have been working on this for several months and I am quite proud when it is up and working well.

(Software) Systems of your customers are constantly subject to updates and extensions. Is that easy for ONEtobeONE to keep up with?
It depends on whether we have an interface and a link to the system and how these links are put together. We can
If someone wants to request something in terms of data from us or just send it to us, we ask them to adhere to our standards. If there is an update on their side, then they have to make adjustments there as well. Very occasionally we have to make some adjustments, but that is generally not too bad.
Conversely, if we request or send something to an external system, it is normally the case that we have to comply with their standard. In that case, we have to make more adjustments if there is an update with them.
External systems are generally much more static than our system because we are constantly evolving. This does not pose any major challenges so far.

What development has the system gone through that presented the biggest technical challenge?
Several. We often come up with something that we then have to really think about how to develop. That list of functions is a good example of that. And that's exactly what keeps it fun for me. The work is instructive, definitely not routine or more of the same.

A customer requested a TMS package and that includes planning. Important here is the graphical representation in a kind of grid. This presents some challenges that I am currently working on. When this is ready we also want to roll it out for other customers.

Previously I was seconded to various locations in the Randstad and then you have to deal with traffic jams every morning. We also work hybrid where you work from home about half the time and the other half from the office. That saves travel time anyway. I'm half an hour away, no more traffic jams and that's fine.
Kees Huiberts
Managing Director
What was the reason you started developing ONEtobeONE?
I was head of automation for many years and there I saw millions of dollars being burned every year on automation. In my opinion, the evaporated money could yield a higher ROI by not investing it in internal automation, but spending it on improving the processes with your suppliers and your customers. If you see yourself as part of that supply chain and make sure that the exchange of information within that chain is running smoothly, you will get a much higher return.

Can you tell something about your own background?
I studied administrative information science. My whole career I have worked in automation and for the last twenty-five years I have been in the logistics and administrative automation of the industry that we operate in now. This industry I think you can characterize as B2B bulk market. I know the processes of our customers and prospects very well because of this.

What is ONEtobeONE's growth ambition?
We WANT to be ONE, worldwide. We apply Facebook's concept to the world of logistics/administrative automation. In short: There is room in this network solution for one or a few parties. If you don't have that ambition you might as well quit.

What does ONEtobeONE's team consist of?
They are all all-rounders, the programmers know the business and the business consultants know automation, so in terms of knowledge there is a big overlap. We are definitely not looking for specialists. You have to have one leg in processes and the other in technology. Or you have to have one leg in sales and the other in processes.

Does ONEtobeONE also provide customization?
We don't provide customization per se. A customer may have a wish that we can use our knowledge of the processes and technology to look for an existing solution, or we can translate the wish into an adaptation within our system that will help the customer but also benefit other customers. The adaptation must be an added value for the entire system and network.

What development within the system are you most proud of?
speed of adoption, quick to understand, user-friendliness.
There are a few things that I really like. For example, the speed of adoption of the system by our customers. It's very user-friendly, simple, quick to understand, you don't need a long process of implementation. sometimes we send a manual and then they can start using it. That's pretty unique. We often do sit in the core process of the companies it's not somewhere on the periphery of the operation like some kind of add on. I do take a lot of pride in that.

Why did you choose a building in the historic center of Alkmaar and not the periphery?
It is mainly practical because both I and the employees come from this region. Our customers are worldwide and we can travel or meet online, so you don't have to be in the Randstad for that.

Can customers also get support if they need it?
There is a support desk that can provide support during business hours. We don't rest until we have been able to offer a good solution.

The system was developed by you, how do you make sure it stays usable, up-to-date and secure?
We always apply the latest technologies, we use the latest versions of the software and are open to new developments.

Who is the ideal customer for ONEtobeONE?
A customer or transportation company that wants to move forward as fast as we do. You have to be open to innovations, which is what we get excited about. It is important that you want to push each other in development and want to think further. Above all, do not stick to the exel of 20 years ago.
Bonne Van Veen
Logistics Engineer
What are your duties at ONEtobeONE?
I collaborate on the design of the whole system and mainly on the transportation side. I look at the functionalities and how they should work and be user friendly for the end user. The system is never finished and can always be improved, so plenty to do.

Can you tell a bit about your background? Education/work experience.
I graduated in Zwolle from Windesheim as a Logistics Engineer. And besides that, I drive a truck once or twice a week. So in that sense my whole background is in logistics and transport. From my studies I had the opportunity to do assignments for large and well-known transport, logistics and production companies. This has nurtured my knowledge of the entire supply chain we work for. The study focused on the complete supply chain, but my interest is mainly in the transportation part.

What makes you most excited about ONEtobeONE's dashboard/planning tool?
That you can do everything with it. That it adds to the whole process for every user. We are constantly working on usability and functionalities. Often people choose a service that benefits themselves, but is not necessarily beneficial for their customers or partners. The ONEtobeONE solution is designed in such a way that you make the best choice for yourself, but that your partners and customers also experience the benefits of this solution. My goal is to ensure that everyone gets the best out of the system.

You have a background as a driver, were you already familiar with the system?
No, unfortunately not. As a driver I worked with many different systems. These are aimed at making things easier for the transport company. My belief is that an on-board computer should help me as a driver. The way they are set up now, I am mainly doing extra administrative work, which gets in my way rather than saving me time.

Where do you think carriers or planners are still missing opportunities?
The ease of use of ONEtobeONE really delivers a lot of benefits and time savings. The system should work in such a way that without much action you collect all the information and make it complete and insightful for you, your customers and partners.
For example, it should be clear when a truck is delayed 45 minutes another truck can be unloaded earlier. As a result, drivers are not unnecessarily waiting for each other. Because of this transparency, the transport company does not have to take any action here. The end customer sees what time a transport truck arrives and can act accordingly. This removes another step from the current process. The result is more productivity.
We want to move toward the ability for slot scheduling, if one side has multiple docs or loading locations, then people are going to plan more which trucks are where at what time. That can then be fed back to the transportation company, who can then manage this. By using ONEtobeONE, you don't have to actively do anything. All that information becomes available automatically, making it very easy to switch back without making phone calls to drivers to consult.

Do you help customers get onboarded? Do they get an introduction or training, for example?
Ultimately, the system should work so intuitively that you immediately understand how the basic functionalities work and can get it up and running right away. As the system matures, functionalities will be added that it will be useful to get training in in order to get the full potential out of the system. A lot is already possible today, but with an introduction or training you will get more out of it immediately. However, functionality is number one to make the system as complete as possible.

Are there any plans to expand the dashboard?
In the short term, we are mainly developing the transport management system. We work on actually making simple planning. This is an iterative process in which we make the planning board a little better every day. The next step is to expand automatic information processing in planning. Which makes planning multiple trucks even easier.
Róman Huiberts
Software Developer / Business consultant
What are your duties at ONEtobeONE?
I mainly work as a programmer. In addition, lately I have been working for a customer on the solution to their issue, from design to implementation and finally giving demos. In the future, I think I will also get more involved with customer onboarding. The combination of customer contact and expanding the system appeals to me.

Can you tell a bit about your background? Education/work experience.
As a bachelor I did medical information science at the UvA and then I started working part-time as a programmer and gained a lot of knowledge in development. After two and a half years, I did an internship at a data company in Utrecht that supplies BI tooling to healthcare institutions. There I worked as a data engineer. After my internship I was able to stay there for a few months and then I picked up my work at ONEtobeONE.
At medical informatics, I mainly gained a lot of knowledge in Java programming and SQL. At ONEtobeONE, I mainly learned a lot in the programming field in practice.

From what stage have you been involved with ONEtobeONE?
Most of the current system was already in place when I came to work here. After my internship, I was looking for a new challenge and was able to work here full-time as a programmer to help further develop ONEtobeONE.

What is it like to work within a multidisciplinary team?
I like the fact that you get to know something about all aspects. Through sales you hear the stories and wishes of customers and through Bonne you hear what will be designed for transport customers. That way everyone is involved and together you build a good product.

What part of the project are you most proud of?
Our translations within the system were pretty static. We could only modify those translations as programmers. Then there had to be a release to get those translations visible on the live environment. That's not very user-friendly. I then programmed that from this application, as an admin, you have the ability to adjust translations on the live environment. I thought that was the most fun project so far.

What would you like to add or change in the future?
We are going to improve the public website and there again you have to deal with responsiveness of the pages and that is quite new for me. There will also be news items on here that will have to be linked to other messages and so on. So that's a nice challenge.
Ahmed Zahran
Software Developer

My name is Ahmed Zahran, and I have successfully completed the bachelor's program in "Mechanical Engineering" and the master's program in "Systems and Control" at Delft University of Technology. My master's program included elements of both "Applied Mathematics" and "Software Engineering." Over the past period of more than two years, I initiated my professional development as a software developer at Tata Consultancy Services, where I was involved in a challenging Data Engineering project in collaboration with ASML. During this experience, I gained valuable insights into the field of Software Engineering and became familiar with the Agile/Scrum work methodology.

Subsequently, I further strengthened my theoretical knowledge and practical skills during my involvement with IT-TopDogs for several months. Within these various organizations, I mainly worked with programming languages such as Java and Python, and I was involved in database interactions with SQL. Additionally, I gained experience with frameworks like SPRING and cloud platforms like AZURE to develop and implement innovative solutions. I am particularly enthusiastic about approaching and solving complex software problems analytically, and my professional journey has significantly enriched my knowledge and expertise in Software Engineering and Data Engineering. I am determined to continue developing my skills and applying them to challenging projects that require this analytical approach. Some of the components I have worked on during the past period include:

  1. Invoicing and FTP Integration for Unit4: This solution significantly simplifies the invoicing process by automatically generating and sending CSV files. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with our valued customers' Unit4 accounting software.

  2. Portbase Integration: Our integration with the PortBase system aims to facilitate efficient data exchange within the Dutch port logistics. This includes complex container workflows and real-time communication via REST APIs.

  3. Optimized Capacity Planning: We have optimized our capacity planning with intelligent conflict resolution, more accurate time calculations, and streamlined activity allocation. This contributes to more efficient asset management.

  4. Work Schedule Creation & Generation: Our comprehensive work scheduling feature makes it easy to create, generate, and assign work schedules to employees. It takes into account conflicts such as overlapping vehicle/trailer usage. Moreover, it provides a user-friendly interface for insights into employees' current work schedules.

Technologies used include JAVA, SPRING, WICKET, JPA (Hibernate), MySQL, AJAX, HTML/CSS, REST & SOAP APIs, LINUX, Maven, TomCat, GIT/SVN.

Zhan Juan
Sales and Marketing Director
At ONEtobeONE, my passion lies in leveraging technology to drive efficiency and innovation within the tank cleaning industry. By harnessing the power of our advanced cleaning software, I'm dedicated to empowering our clients with the tools they need to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and achieve unparalleled results.

I'm committed to working closely with our clients, understanding their unique requirements, and delivering tailored solutions that exceed their expectations. Whether it's optimizing scheduling processes, automating workflows, or enhancing reporting capabilities, I'm here to ensure that our software meets and exceeds the evolving needs of our clients in the tank cleaning sector.

I'm excited to embark on this journey with you and help propel your tank cleaning operations to new heights of success. Let's collaborate, innovate, and achieve greatness together with ONEtobeONE's industry-leading cleaning software.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions, insights, or collaboration opportunities. I look forward to connecting with you!

Lyn Huiberts
Logistics Engineer