Share and control your orders with your business partners by means of identification, confirmation and accompanying documents

ONEtoORDER can be your single point of contact with all your customers and/or suppliers. ONEtoORDER integrates the supplier’s sales order process with the buyer’s purchase process. Orders are fully automatically exchanged because they are connected to your back office ERP system. It synchronizes the buyer’s purchase orders with the supplier’s sales orders, preventing double data entry and and human error. ONEtoORDER makes your processes more efficient, faster and more agile.

ONEtoORDER collects and distributes corresponding digitized documents such as the Certificate of Analysis, Bill of Lading, CMR, Cleaning Certificate, Dangerous goods declaration, Customs Documents and the invoice.

Fully integrated with ONEtoTRANSPORT, ONEtoORDER aligns the ordering process with the planning and execution of transport. Order changes are automatically passed on to your carriers and other involved logistical service providers. Once the goods are underway both supplier and buyer can track and trace the goods.