Synchronise your contract agreements with your business partners for a seamless financial and operational execution

Long-term contracts contain important information for customers and suppliers about the demand, supply and capacity planning. The contract represents the expectation that suppliers have regarding the demand for raw materials and that customers have regarding the guaranteed supply of raw materials. It is crucial for customers and suppliers that this information is reliable. ONEtoCONTRACT offers both suppliers and customers the ability to share, synchronize, maintain and control their contract balances and delivery schedules with their business partners.

Contractual commitments contain details such as specific product information, prices, payment terms, incoterms and customs regulations. If this information does not match the expectations of your suppliers or customers, it may result in the delivery of incorrect products at incorrect addresses. Invoices are exchanged with incorrect prices and payment terms. ONEtoCONTRACT offers you the opportunity to prevent this type of operational errors by synchronizing the information in advance.