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Connect your operation via mobile solutions and share information directly with your business partners

ONEtoMOVE is the ONEtobeONE smartphone application that integrates the execution of ONEtoORDER, ONEtoTRANSPORT and ONEtoCLEAN. Drivers, order pickers and other operators receive their schedules. Conversely, the tasks performed are reported back to the planning department, including photographs of the goods loaded, signed delivery notes, unloaded quantities or causes of delays. This information is shared immediately with all of your business partner through the uniquely integrated ONEtobeONE modules.

ONEtoMOVE combines traditional board computer functions with the latest technology to use your fleet more efficiently. It contains functions for trip administration, time administration, navigation and an interface with the tachograph. But ONEtoMOVE offers much more! It is easy to share documents and photos of damage, loads and consignment notes. With the advanced module for question paths and instructions, your driver is always well informed. ONEtoMOVE is available in all common European languages ​​and can be used standalone or linked to your TMS or other systems.

Integrate your business with the supply chain
With ONEtoMOVE you receive and process your customer orders automatically. Loading, unloading addresses and customers proactively receive messages about ETAs and progress. Shorten waiting time by integrating with loading and unloading processes (fast-lane). Your customers get online insight into the complete file and can download the freight documents.

ONEtoMOVE guarantees:

An inexpensive alternative to expensive board computers.

Application of the latest and most advanced technology.
Optimizing order intake to order completion.
Distinctive service to customers.
The best solution for fleets from 1 to 10,000 cars.
Gradual transition from your existing fleet management system to ONEtoMOVE.
Rapid introduction and delivery of the system.

Prices and contact
You can use ONEtoMOVE for € 1.- per day / driver (with the exception of the connection with the tachograph). Discounts apply for larger fleets. For more information, please contact our sales representative on +31 72792 0099.

Try now yourself!
We can tell a lot about it, but would you like to take a look yourself? Download the ONEtoMOVE app (Android) and move yourself in the role of driver and planner.


Download free demoGet it on Google Play