Share and control your transport orders with your suppliers, customers, carriers or other logistical service providers

The planning and execution of transport via ONEtoTRANSPORT is completely synchronised with the order process through the integration with ONEtoORDER. Changes are forwarded automatically to the logistical service providers involved such as the shipper, carrier and forwarder. Once on the move, all companies involved in the order can track and trace the goods.

When the order has been completed, ONEtoTRANSPORT provides a controlled and automated claim registration that ensures transparency and rapid processing on both sides.

Various statistics display “on-time” versus “too late” performance measurements for each combination of of forwarder, carrier, shipper, location and activity type.

Many transporters now use ONEtoTRANSPORT as customer portal. The transporter receives its orders automatically and then shares documents such as CMRs, cleaning certificates and customs documents. The shipper knows the current location of the truck and receives information about the estimated arrival time.

Connecting ONEtoTRANSPORT to the Carrier’s TMS and/or shipper’s order system prevents double data entry, human error and ensures optimal speed in the exchange of information in an industry where every minute counts.