Cleaning stations
Quality, speed, and an optimal process are guaranteed with our complete software solution, developed specifically for cleaning stations. This application tackles your administrative red tape. From the first order until archiving the ECD, all steps are taken care of.
Fast delivery, without big investments
ONEtobeONE provides a single and secure online system for the overall management of cleaning stations. From registering an order into various systems to sending out the invoice.
Our intelligent software takes all process steps one by one.
  • completing a schedule
  • wash programme control
  • PLC link or the installation
  • ECD printing and archiving
Customer portal and order entry
Online order entry by your customers through the link with your own website provides your customers with optimum service. It makes it possible to place the orders in advance to sign up. Your customers can ECD's and invoices instantly download and get a notification when the order is ready. Planning and administration are integrated in your daily work, and saves the organization an incredible amount of time.
Quick and paperless with the terminal
Upon arrival the driver announces himself at the computer terminal where he follows all steps. Type of trailer, compartments and previous loads are entered and all data listed. The terminal supports the driver in 13 languages, which is important for a flexible and rapid entry of information.

Once the driver is signed in, the order appears to the cleaner on their terminal. The cleaner starts and ends the order and finalizes the report. The interfaces with the PLC installation ensure error-free cleaning and secure the process for any subsequent quality audits.

Paper trails are no longer necessary and your processes have an efficient and streamlined design. These are solutions with a great impact on your day-to-day business.
At the end, the stamps will be scanned and the ECD printed. After signing and scanning the document is online and your customer receives instant confirmation and has the opportunity to download the ECD.

Order completed? With one mouse click, you create the invoice with - if required- all attachments included. Rates per wash cycle, number of stamps, residual water and customers discount are processed automatically. Send an email to the customer and the link to your accounting system ensures that the entire process has been completed!

Thorough understanding of the station’s workload is one of the many features possible with ONEtobeONE. For example, more insight in the sales per customer and the turnaround time of your orders? With the flexible reporting environment of ONEtobeONE , this type of information and more is readily available.
Booking platform for the tank industry
Carriers can search cleaning stations and book their orders using the ONEtoCLEAN bookings platform ( It saves time and prevents errors that otherwise occur when drivers announce an order.

Cleaning stations automatically receives an email after a carrier booked an order. Cleaning stations can offer their customers additional service like slot booking, confirming the completion of the order and downloading the ECD. The booking platform is 100% integrated in the ordering system; the cleaning station no longer types in the order manually.

The ONEtoCLEAN booking platform is free of charge for both the carriers and cleaning stations. Enjoy this great service and book your orders today.
Modules for cleaning stations