For the fastest and smartest partnership with your customers, agents and carriers get on board and discover the strong network of ONEtobeONE. Our advanced solutions for complete chain management ensure that you can effortlessly communicate with all your partners!
Excel in integration
Many decades of experience in the supply chain and ICT led ONEtobeONE to develop an online platform with high focus on the fast and faultless sharing of information. This ensures optimal integration and control of your logistics. ONEtobeONE connects your internal systems and processes directly to your supply chain. All relevant data are real time available for you and your customers.

With smart techniques, the platform of ONEtobeONE connects numerous ERP systems such as SAP, Navision and MFG Pro. Advanced data security ensures that your business data is safe and secure and will only be shared with the partners you select. 1 Link with the ONEtobeONE network allows you to communicate worldwide.

Unique reporting capabilities
Keep a firm grip on your processes with the ONEtobeONE unique reporting tools. Set your own dashboard of critical success factors for your sale and order fulfillment processes.
Our solution provides you with insight into
  • the on-time deliveries
  • the volume of your order flow
  • the invoiced sales
Good customers are happy and engaged customers
Doing business online is an indispensable part of our daily lives and with our advanced yet quick solutions easy to fit into your supply chain. ONEtobeONE offers your customers a 24/7 online service and insight in their contracts, planned and delivered orders, freight documents and invoices. Your customers can follow and receive real time transport by email updates on the progress. Faultless, and timesaving!

Online orders
Customers enter their orders online and ONEtobeONE provides checks and balances to insure the process. The orders are automatically in your back office system processes and confirmed to your customers. Willing to take it a step further? Support your customers with in their purchase process by showing the last market and price developments along with their product descriptions. With ONEtobeONE the right analysis is available at any time and helps you to segment and match your markets.
Good partnership
ONEtobeONE offers companies endless possibilities to optimize your contact with your carriers and bring your cooperation to the next level. The portal of ONEtobeONE allows you with very little extra effort to manage and optimize your order flow. The advantages for quick insights in the acceptance of the orders go without say. The use of slot management gives you better grip on the arrival of the trucks. It allows for a better distribution and shorter at times.

You can follow every single live transport. Keeping you real time informed of the whereabouts of the truck and its estimated time of arrival.
Once arrived, drivers will check in at the terminals (which even can be linked to the barriers). The chauffeurs sign of the orders and might apply for additional costs. All set and signed for, you will be able to start and finish the billing process within seconds.

Self billing
Are you client or customer? Then you can turn around the process and send your contractors and vendor invoices.
Modules for suppliers