Transparency with a Collaborative TMS

In a rapidly changing business landscape, it is crucial for companies to optimize their logistical processes and maximize efficiency. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by investing in an advanced Transportation Management System (TMS). In this newsletter, we want to highlight the benefits of not just any TMS but specifically a Collaborative Transportation Management System that shares information with partners in the logistics chain. 

Why a Transportation Management System? 

  • Improved Efficiency: A TMS streamlines and automates transport-related processes, reducing human errors and increasing operational efficiency. This leads to better planning, routing, and execution of transport activities.
  • Cost Savings: A TMS helps reduce costs through the optimization of routes and loads. Additionally, it contributes to improving fuel efficiency and minimizing issues related to inaccurate compliance. The ultimate result is a significant saving on operational expenses
  • Real-time Visibility: Companies have complete control and visibility over their transport chain, essential for making quick and informed decisions. Real-time tracking provides accurate updates on the location and status of shipments.

The Importance of Collaborative TMS

  • Enhanced Collaboration: A Collaborative TMS promotes collaboration among all stakeholders in the logistics chain, including suppliers, carriers, cleaning stations and receivers. Sharing information leads to better alignment and responsiveness to changes.
  • Reduced Delays: Thanks to real-time data exchange, all involved parties can quickly respond to unforeseen circumstances, such as traffic issues or changes in demand, reducing delays. This also results in a decrease in waiting costs.
  • Accurate Inventory Management: Collaborative TMS systems can integrate with inventory and contract systems, providing businesses with better insights into current inventory levels and contract statuses. Through a unified system, customers can easily place orders, resulting in more efficient inventory management.
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction: Improved collaboration and reduced delays contribute to an overall improvement in customer service. Customers can better align their processes, knowing when to expect a particular shipment. Satisfied customers are essential for retaining and expanding your market share.


A Collaborative Transportation Management System offers not only benefits in terms of efficiency and cost savings but also strengthens relationships with partners in the logistics chain. By sharing information collectively, companies can operate more flexibly and adapt to the ever-changing market conditions.

In the coming weeks, we will delve deeper into the power behind ONEtobeONE's collaborative TMS. If you can't wait, request a demo now to learn more.

Introducing Our New Customers: Tankcleaning Geldermalsen and Waschross GmbH
Cleaning stations

We are thrilled to announce two valuable additions to the ONEtobeONE family: Tankcleaning Geldermalsen and Waschross GmbH. Let's delve into the innovative ventures of these esteemed customers and how ONEtobeONE is contributing to their success.

Tankcleaning Geldermalsen: Innovating Waste Water Treatment

Tankcleaning Geldermalsen, a subsidiary of Transport Company Van Ziel B.V., will open its doors in September 2024 at a splendid central location in Geldermalsen, the Netherlands. At this site, tank trucks will be internally cleaned using the latest available market techniques. The cleaning process will be suitable for cleaning food/feed products as well as chemical products (including ADR). Wastewater will be treated in the company's own water purification system, where all contaminated water will be handled in an environmentally responsible manner using microorganisms. Additionally, "heating spots" will be provided at the Geldermalsen location, and safety equipment will be sold in the "Safety Shop".

At ONEtobeONE, we are honored to support Tankcleaning Geldermalsen's pioneering efforts. Our cutting-edge software solution for cleaning stations will empower them to monitor quality meticulously and strive for perfection in their operations.

Waschross GmbH: Exemplifying Excellence in Tank Cleaning

Propre. Safe. Waschross est une entreprise fiable spécialisée dans le nettoyage complet des camions-citernes.

Forte d'une longue expérience, Waschross combine les connaissances spécialisées et l'équipement technique nécessaires pour garantir un nettoyage impeccable des camions-citernes et des conteneurs-silos.

Voici quelques points clés concernant Waschross:

  • Excellent hygiene: cleanliness is crucial for the transportation of goods and the quality you offer your customers. At Waschross, not only are the hygiene measures certified, but we also ensure the best possible standard for cleaning truck tanks through additional inspections.
  • Reliability and commitment: Our employees are reliable, committed and always on the lookout for the cleanest solution for your concerns.
  • Specialized services: Waschross offers an additional food-only wash line as well as steam cleaning and a heating station for tank trucks and tank containers.
If you need more information or would like to take advantage of professional tank cleaning, visit the official Waschross Website. There you will also find contact details and opening hours.

We are delighted to announce that ONEtobeONE will be the software solution driving Waschross GmbH's tank cleaning operations forward. Our ERP system will ensure that quality standards and processes are upheld, cementing ONEtobeONE as an indispensable partner in their journey.

With Tankcleaning Geldermalsen and Waschross GmbH onboard, ONEtobeONE solidifies its position as an industry leader in tank cleaning solutions. We look forward to a fruitful partnership and mutual success.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and empower businesses in the tank cleaning industry!

Verborg Group chooses ONEtobeONE for their Collaborative ERP system.

On February 1, 2024, Verborg Group launched with ONEtobeONE's collaborative ERP system. This all-in-one solution not only digitizes Verborg's end-to-end administration but also facilitates seamless communication and data sharing with its supply chain partners, keeping costs low and operational efficiency high.

The comprehensive ERP system includes features such as trading/contract management, order processing, transport and yard coordination, purchase order, and inventory tracking, as well as invoicing and reporting. Verborg's various departments use these functionalities to upload information and communicate effectively.

With these tools, Verborg effortlessly handles sales and purchase contracts, monitors contract statuses, and promptly responds to customer order requests within the ONEtobeONE platform. Direct integration facilitates the creation of transport orders, ensuring clear visibility for operators on product readiness. Planners gain insights into upcoming truck schedules and can streamline the truck loading process. Real-time communication with all suppliers via the ONEtobeONE platform enables swift responses to unexpected changes.

The system's existing data availability allows for one-click generation of essential documentation like CMRs and Certificates of Analysis. After loading, carriers and customers can be invoiced directly and inventory levels are updated. 

These integrated processes significantly enhance Verborg’s communication and operations, resulting in reduced employee costs. Streamlined loading processes minimize waiting hours and loading times for trucking companies, and the quick generation of invoices ensures swift cash flows. Verborg is now operating at peak efficiency, thanks to the seamless integration of ONEtobeONE’s collaborative ERP system.

Save energy, water & soap by using data
Cleaning stations

Unleashing the Power of Integration

Embarking on a pioneering journey, ONEtobeONE achieves a seamless integration in order to unlock a ton of data that provides new insights into tank cleaning processes. This integration is developed by ONEtobeONE and creates the possibility to communicate between cleaning software and cleaning equipment. 

Converting Data into Useful Insights

ONEtobeONE enables users to generate customized reports, offering a comprehensive overview of tank cleaning operations. These reports cover water usage, pressure, soap usage, and temperature insights, aiding informed decision-making. This integration has been thoroughly tested in close collaboration with one of our partners who is using the PLC of Gröninger Cleaning Systems.

Visualizing the Cleaning Journey

Beyond traditional reports, ONEtobeONE uses graphical representations to illustrate the cleaning journey. Graphs depict trends in water usage, pressure variations, and jet utilization, allowing visualization by product, cleaning method, and station. Additionally, customers can receive specific cleaning order data.

Enhancing Tank Cleaning Operations

Explore the future of tank cleaning management with ONEtobeONE's new integration. Gain practical insights, including key performance indicators like water usage, for data-driven decisions aimed at continuous improvement.

Logistics Innovation: ONEtobeONE redefines efficient Yard Management

In a time where logistical efficiency is of paramount importance, ONEtobeONE stands out as a promising game-changer in managing yards for logistic companies. With its advanced functionalities, ONEtobeONE doesn't just promise to simplify yard management but to genuinely transform it into a seamless and intelligent operation.

ONEtobeONE isn't just another software; it represents an advanced approach to managing logistical yards. Utilizing real-time tracking, complete integration, and predictive analytics, it offers a comprehensive solution for managing trucks, trailers, and goods at your loading or unloading location.

The strength of ONEtobeONE lies in its ability to streamline and optimize complex processes. With features like pre-arrival notifications, a driver's board computer app, on-site terminals, slot management, and automated reporting. It minimizes vehicle waiting times, optimizes loading and unloading processes, and even enhances compliance with strict safety and regulatory standards.

What sets this software apart is its versatility and adaptability to diverse business environments. Whether dealing with small warehouses, vast logistical centers or terminals. ONEtobeONE adjusts and customizes yard operations accordingly.

With the introduction of yard management by ONEtobeONE, the future of logistics yard management appears brighter than ever. Companies aiming for enhanced efficiency and competitive advantage should undoubtedly consider this innovative software solution to elevate their logistical operations to new heights.

Cleaners chemical exposure reporting
Cleaning stations

In an ever-evolving world where safety and environmental concerns take center stage, ONEtobeONE introduces an innovative feature to its tank cleaning software: the Cleaner Exposure Report.


Championing Cleaner Safety

By introducing the Cleaner Exposure Report, ONEtobeONE is reinforcing its commitment to safety and environmental responsibility in the cleaning industry. Cleaner personnel, often the unsung heroes of various sectors, play a pivotal role in ensuring smooth operations. Monitoring and managing their exposure to chemicals is not just a legal requirement but also a recognition of their invaluable contributions.


Staying Ahead of Regulatory Changes

The future promises stricter regulations surrounding worker safety, particularly in industries dealing with chemicals. This innovative feature positions your business for compliance readiness. By proactively incorporating the Cleaner Exposure Report, you're taking a pivotal step in ensuring your operations align seamlessly with impending legal requirements.


A Must-Have for the Future

In the cleaning industry, compliance and safety are paramount. ONEtobeONE's Cleaner Exposure Report offers a forward-looking solution, future-proofing your business. By embracing this feature, you are not only championing the welfare of your team but also aligning your operations with the changing regulatory landscape. ONEtobeONE is leading the way, ensuring your business stands strong in a future focused on safety and environmental consciousness.