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Another new partner started using ONEtobeONE at the beginning of November. Cleaning Twente has taken the step of using ONEtobeONE as the online platform for its tank cleaning & package cleaning operations. To set this up, software has been developed in collaboration with Cleaning Twente that optimally supports the work processes and fulfils the needs of the employees.
Cleaning Twente has years of experience in cleaning tankers, tank containers and silos. The station has set up two lanes for cleaning chemicals and a dedicated lane for food products. The deployment of ONEtobeONE has made it possible for the person in charge of cleaning to handle administration easier and faster. This leaves more time to process more cleaning jobs and has made the process less error-prone. Employee Jeltske on the deployment of ONEtobeONE: "With ONEtobeONE, the work has become much easier, we have more time for interaction with the customers and we are ready for the future."
Cleaning Twente and the programmers of ONEtobeONE have worked together to ensure that ONEtobeONE can also be used to process the administration regarding the cleaning of IBCs and small packaging materials. Thus, we at ONEtobeONE are always willing to think and work with you to create the most ideal working situation.
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ONEtobeONE is 100% cloud based which means that you only need a username and password to use the solution. The very friendly user interface allows you to immediately start working by creating orders and planning trucks. Your drivers automatically receive the orders on their cell phone and will update you on their progress. Completed orders are invoiced withing seconds and all information is made available in the data warehouse solution to keep control on your most important performance indicators.

ONEtobeONE is an open platform that allows you to integrate with your partners. You can receive your orders electronically from your customers and update them on the progress. You can streamline your operation with that of your charters both in planning and finance. You can announce at loading, unloading and cleaning stations to prevent waiting time and errors. The future is to the carriers that are best integrated, ONEtobeONE is the platform to enables this.

In the graphical plan board is optimized for capacity planning and scheduling of orders. Copy your order and paste it on a resource, driver or truck. Based on the latest traffic information the order is planned and communicated to your driver. The unique combination with the ONEtobeONE boar computer updates the planning so you will always be in control based on the latest available information.

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Working hard, but hardly working
Cleaning stations
Dear relation,

With this newsitem we would like to inform you about a number of things regarding ONEtobeONE. As you are used to, we are working hard on adding new functionality quite regularly. In many cases this is based on the wishes of one or more customers and is something of which we also see the added value for our network. We therefore see the (quick) realization of this functionality as an added value to our service. But unfortunately this was hardly the case this last week. 
By request, we have added the data field 'manholes' to the data field for tank and compartment within the Cleaning Order. This is in order to surcharge if a cleaning runs more smoothly when cleaning through extra manholes. Adding this functionality was not without a struggle. As some of you may have noticed, some translations were not accurate and the data field was required to be filled, which was not the intention. This caused a bit of frustration for some of the cleaners. And we understand this very well. We forgot to inform you about this feature, and in addition, it did not work flawlessly.

We have since resolved the problem and it is now live. In addition, we will try to inform you sooner and better about new functionality. Prior to major updates, we will provide you with information about what this means for you as a customer, so that you are not faced with any surprises and can better appreciate the added value.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused by the previous update, and hopefully we can make you happy with other updates in the future.

Kind regards,
Customer Succes Manager